Hardship Fund


On 29/06 the leadership team agreed on a simple guideline policy for already existing hardship fund.

What is considered hardship?

The church would like to help church members and those who are connected to the church in times of hardship. Hardship means inability to buy or pay for essential items or services. E.g food, electricity bill.

During the hardest times, we understand how difficult it can be financially to get through the challenges that come around. As a result, there are a couple of things we are trying to achieve as a church to help;

  1. Care for the most needed and vulnerable in the church family
  2. Support our church members online during the lockdown

Who contributed? 

1. The hardship fund can be contributed to by anyone through online banking or via Paypal

KCF Hardship account

Account 29672268 sort code 30-84-51

2. If you would like to contribute to this fund please follow this PAYPAL link and add in a note that states HARDSHIP FUND.

3. Funds contributed which are labelled hardship will be ring-fenced for hardship grants only

How can some access the fund? 

Call or email an elder

Elder Jermaine Wong – fcpj.wong@gmail.com