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Dr Olive Hemmings Pd.D

Olive J. Hemmings, while teaching at Washington Adventist University (formerly Columbia Union College), has completed a Ph.D. at Claremont Graduate University.  In her major, she places particular emphasis on the dynamic between Biblical Theology, Christian/Western culture and ethics.  She teaches, Biblical Theology, Pauline Theology, Introduction to the New Testament and other New testament courses, New Testament Greek and Moral Issues in World Religions. She brings to the department a particular passion for appropriating the Biblical text in its very rich and multiple cultural/historical contexts as it reflects genuine social struggles, particularly the struggle to understand and engage the divine in those struggles.  This passion has been tested for fifteen years of teaching and preaching in an Adventist institution of higher learning in Jamaica and 6 years at Washington Adventist University.   Dr. Hemmings wants her students to develop a deep and enduring faith through all their learning, doubting and questioning.  Dr Hemmings is a commissioned minister; involved in church leadership activities at the Sligo Seventh-day Adventist Church (Sabbath School Superintendent and Teacher); preaches locally, nationally, and internationally; member and presenter in the Adventist Society of Religious Studies and the Society for Biblical Literature; provides spiritual nurture and counseling to students and church members; member of the advisory board of Women’s Resource Center (La Sierra University); etc.


Sabbath 12 September 2020 

Dr Olive would be our main speaker 

Theme: Hope & Glory – As we look at how we can still bring God glory in these difficult times. 


Education Profile:

PhD, Claremont Graduate University
MA, Andrews University
BA, Northern Caribbean University


Olive Hemmings has been teaching in Seventh-day Adventist higher education since 1982. She began teaching at her Alma Mater West Indies College (now Northern Caribbean University) in 1982, one year before graduating, and continued teaching there until 1998, when she moved to California to further her studies. She earned the M.A. in New Testament and Biblical languages from the SDA Theological Seminary at Andrews University in 1989, and the Ph. D. in Theology, Ethics, and Culture from Claremont Graduate University in 2004. She taught at Northern Caribbean University for 15 years, and has been teaching at Washington Adventist University for the past eleven years in the areas of New Testament Bible and Greek, World Religions, Social, Biblical, and Theological Ethics, and Dogmatic Theology both in graduate and undergraduate programs.

Research and Professional Activities:

She is a member of the Columbia Union Conference clergy and pursues a yearly itinerary of preaching and teaching. Her latest publication Sacred Texts and Social Conflict is a case study of the debate over women’s ordination in the Seventh-day Adventist Church to demonstrate the ways in which sacred texts function as the site of power for communities in conflict.