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10:30Learning Lab Live

10:30 – Teens Sabbath School

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Donate To Hardship Fund

At KCF we are committed to helping as many people as possible, in times of real hardship. However, we are only able to do this through the generosity of individuals who give to the fund.

If you would like to give please click the DONATE button below.

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See what God can do through your generosity.
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Sign Up To Host a Core Group

At KCF we are launching a Core Group network and would like to train as many people to lead a small group online. Sign up to join the Zoom training webinar coming soon!

FAQ for Core Groups

What is a Core Group?

A Core Group is a gathering of 4-6 people who gather to share and grow together in Christ.

The primary purpose of the group is to create a safe environment where people can connect over the Bible, conversation and prayer.

Who can lead a group?

Leadership can be daunting, so with Core Groups, we don’t need leaders as such, we just need hosts. Hosts are people who are willing to facilitate the group with setting a time, choosing a bible text to reflect on and make sure that everyone get an opportunity to speak and share. It really is that simple.

What Technology do you need to go digital?

Zoom – 40 minutes (free) – 100 pp

Google Hangouts – Up to 25 people

What’s app video call – Up to 4 people


Bible – Any translation will do but choose one that everyone can understand. Recommended versions: NRSV, NKJV and NLT


Recommended workbook or study guide:






How To Start
  1. Start with a short prayer
  2. Short introduction or an icebreaker
  3. Read scripture, then share:
    1. Anything stand out about the text that you didn’t notice before?
    2. What does the scripture say about who God is?
    3. What application can I make to my life?
    4. What could I share with another person from this text that could empower or encourage them?
  4. Share any need for prayer in the group
  5. Prayer
How long should the meeting be?

Between 40 mins – 1 hour

KCF Prayer Line

Every Thursday at 8pm KCF will have a Prayer Line for us to pray together! Any member or regular visitor can join and share a prayer request for yourself or for others.

Download the Zoom app (iOS / Android) on your phone or go to the Zoom website on your computer and type in the Prayer Line ID: 348 690 436 in the “Join a meeting” box.

Please get in touch for the password.


One of our Core Groups have commited to praying every day at 8pm  So if you would like to join in with the SDA Church initiative (100 days of prayer) you are welcome to join in!

Download the Zoom app (iOS / Android) on your phone or go to the Zoom website on your computer and type in the Encouragement and Prayer online ID: 879 677 905  in the “Join a meeting” box.

Please get in touch for the password.


Prayer Requests

If you have a prayer request please get in touch!

Children’s Service Online

No school! No church! No worries!

Join us on Saturday at 11:30 for our Live interactive session. Gather your entire family with your thinking cap, your imagination, your singing voice and your jumping feet.

Bible Study

Every FRIDAY 7.30pm RAISE & Circle Bible Study bring you an online Bible Study!

Download the Zoom app (iOS / Android)on your phone or go to the Zoom website on your computer and type in the Study ID: 457 325 669 in the “Join a meeting” box.

You will need a password for this meeting: Please get in touch for the password. Everyone is expected to have their videos on and join in! This is an interactive study not a sermon!

At 7.30pm-8pm we will catch up with one another and at 8pm we start the Bible Study! If you need help getting online please send us a message! Look forward to studying the Word of God with you!

CORE Groups

These our our small groups to bring members together on a weekly basis. We want to empower our small groups to equip christians to renew their
minds, serve the church, and create culture to the glory of God. 

Ways To Connect

Wherever you find yourself in life, we want to be a place you can depend on for receiving inspiration, encouragement, and support.

Bible Study

7.30pm Fridays

Zoom code: 457-325-669

Sabbath School/Learning Lab


Zoom code: 294-102-241

Teens online Sabbath school

10.30am run by Shade Henry

Please get in touch for details